This data is in the format email:password or login:password that allow you to access a particular site.

          The account will be sent to the email address you provided in the custom field.

          If you use PayPal, delivery will take a few minutes.

          If you use cryptocurrency, delivery may take a little longer.

         1) You got two receipts.

         Look at the screenshot.
         Your receipt looks like this.
         Your account details are listed after the words : Product Issued.

         2) Probably your order status is pending and you will receive an account when the payment is completed you can see the exact date in PayPal.

          1) That’s what happens when you pay with a credit card.
          2) This can also happen if your PayPal is unverified. Usually, the payment verification time is exactly 24 hours.

          If you see in the product description that this is allowed.
          Otherwise, your account will stop working. We are not responsible for this.

          Contact me in any way convenient for you. And provide the Order ID. (You can find it at the top of the receipt from sellix)

          It looks like this:

          You will definitely receive a response within a maximum of 24 hours.
          If you have not received a reply within 24 hours you have the right to get a personal offer.

          To leave feedback, go to the
          Email containing your purchased product ->  Feedback and then follow the onscreen instructions:                                                                                        

          To update feedback you’ve previously left, go to the
          Email containing your purchased product where you initially left feedback -> Feedback.

          1) You can take part in the giveaways on Twitter or Discord and get an account for free.
          2) You can also see the current offers and discounts on home page