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GTA V Custom Pre-modded Account [Paypal]


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⚠️ We will create an account based on your wishes
⚠️ It takes from 1 hour to 2 days (depends on time zone)

✅ Account details to log in (email : password)
✅ Changing email/password is possible
✅ Account for PC
⚠️ Check your account for ban before changing account details. Otherwise, the account will not be replaced.
⚠️ Level will be updated as soon as you enter the GTA Online
❌ Access to email isn't provided
❌ This is not steam version
⏰ Premium warranty of 7 days

GTA 5 Custom Pre-Modded Account includes:

☸️ Custom:
✅ Gender of the character: MALE or FEMALE
✅ Level RP: from 1 to 8000
✅ Money / Cash: from 1 million to 3 billion
✅ Max Stats / Armor / Snacks / Fireworks: ALL or specify what you need
✅ Unlocks ( Clothes, LSC, Tattoos, Weapon, Weapon Camos, Arena Wars, Biker Club, Heist Awards, Money in CEO): ALL or specify what you need

⚠️Please read our FAQ before purchasing.
⚠️If you have any questions, please contact us



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